domingo, junho 01, 2008

song #1

I need more
I need something from you
All that explosion was for you
bright, calling your atention
and I did
but then you said my ideas were too modern,
too wrong for you!
You are perfect to my crooked world
twisted and dirty world
it's late, almost dawn.

I've been around for too long
Waiting for your move
Now I'm trapped in a blue-lighted room.
I can't think straight.
I don't wanna think straight,
you've got me and made me crawl
in the middle of the night,
on the narrow and dark streets near your house.

I can't think straight
you're dancing around me...
calling me to be with you
But we both know
it's just another play we are in
another script we've created
with great naughty scenes
and green fairies floating!

Don't think straight
let's twist reality
this is supposed to be unreal
It's just for tonight

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